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100% Silk Satin Ribbon

Once called "zatoni," after the town in ancient China where it was first woven, silk satin was greatly desired by early Greek and Roman peoples for its soft, lustrous beauty. By the Middle Ages it had become expensive and hard to get, used chiefly for royal and church vestments. By the 15th century, spies managed to carry the secrets of satin weaving westward to Genoa, Florence, Lyons and later, Spitalfields. Satin is characterized by a weave structure in which finer, more numerous warp (lengthwise) threads "float" on top of coarser weft (widthwise) threads, so that the weft is almost completely hidden beneath the rich warp. This creates the smooth, shiny finish of our Silk Satin Ribbon, a more substantial material with a heavier, flexible hand. Please handle with care according to our China Silk Ribbon guidelines.

#01DF-50, 50mm (2") wide: White, Ivory, Gold, Vermilion, Wine, Brown, Black    $8.00/yard

#R01DF-50, 50mm (2") wide 33 yard roll, $237.00

Additional Silk Satin Ribbon Widths
      36mm, 24mm, 15mm, 6mm:

White                 Ivory                 Canary
Buff                   Brown               Gold
Olive                 Forest                 Delft
Navy                 Wine                  Vermilion

#01DF-36, 36 mm (1 1/2") wide    $4.80/yard
#01DF-24, 24mm (1") wide    $3.50/yard
#01DF-15, 15mm (5/8") wide    $2.40/yard
#01DF-6, 6mm (1/4") wide    $1.10/yard

#R01DF-36, 36mm (1") wide, 33 yard roll    $142.00
#R01DF-24, 24mm (1 1/2") wide, 33 yard roll    $104.00
#R01DF-15, 15mm (5/8") wide, 33 yard roll    $71.00
#R01DF-6, 6mm (1/4") wide, 33 yard roll    $33.00

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