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100% Pure China Silk Ribbon

China Silk, A wonderfully lightweight but strong fiber possessing excellent color retention properties and a lustrous, shimmering appearance. The art of Silk culture begins in China, about 2600 B.C., with Empress Hsi-ling-chi, who discovered the beautiful handiwork of the mulberry silkworm quite by accident. Legend has it that while admiring a cocoon, it slipped out of her hand and into her bath. The warm water softened the cocoon enough for her to unravel it into long, lustrous filaments.

The Empress could not resist what we have learned to appreciate: an exquisitely delicate but strong fiber with excellent color retention properties, easily taking on beautifully rich hues, shimmering in sunlight. This describes our China Silk Ribbon. Remnants of silk resembling our soft, finely loomed ribbon have been found on original Native American garments, sewing implements, and ladies' gowns to name a few. It is perfect for restoring original artifacts, reproducing your own period clothing or doing silk ribbon embroidery.

All widths take well to your ventures in vegetable dying. Through gentle care (we recommend dry-cleaning, or hand-washing with mild detergent in cold water, then air drying) and minimal exposure to sunlight, your silk embellished garments should retain their original beauty.


  Note: Colors will appear different depending on your browser and monitor. Not all colors are available in all widths.   .

#01-32, 32mm (1 1/4") wide, $3.20/yard
    Colors Available: White, Ivory, , , Sky Blue,       Slate Blue, (Taupe), Black

#01-13, 13mm (1/2") wide, $1.35/yard
    Colors Available: White, Ivory, Green, Mint, Sage, Sky Blue,       Slate Blue, Lavender (Taupe), Vermilion, Pink

#01-07, 7mm (1/4") wide, $.75/yard
    Colors Available: Pale Yellow, Goldenrod, Green, Mint,
       Slate Blue, Lavender (Taupe), Black

#R01-32, 32mm, approx. 39 1/2 yards, $113.00/roll
#R01-13, 13mm, approx. 54 3/4 yards, $66.45/roll


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