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Knitting Pins

The earliest example we know of a knitted garment is cotton socks found in ancient Egypt. The technique spread from there to Spain, then on to medieval Europe. By the mid 1300s knitting had been adopted as a domestic activity, and several Italian painters show women knitting in the round with either four or five needles. In England, hand-knit woolen stockings became such a supportive industry (no pun intended) for day laborers and the poor, that by 1700 it was producing over ten million pairs per year. Both finely knit silk and coarser wool knit stockings became the thing, for they stretched over the leg, unlike fabric. Thick knitted and fulled Monmouth caps kept seaman warm, while all manner of caps, waistcoats, breeches, sleeves, mitts, gloves, miser's purses, and bags were produced by diligent hands for loved ones or for income.

Our polished, 9" long steel needles come in three sizes and are fit to do knitting in finer yarns. Claim your corner by the fire, near the sunniest window, and click away!

#176-0, Size 0, 2mm wide

#176-000, Size 000, about 1.5mm wide

#176-1, Size 1, 2.25mm wide

OR #Q176-0, Size 0, #Q176-000, Size 000, or

#Q176-1, Size 1
9.00/set of 5


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